• About us

Tre Vua was established in 2015 with the desire of bringing customers quality products made from bamboo, contributing to environmental protection and improving the living standards of the community.

Tre Vua sets its goal for product quality and service quality to give customers the best convenient experience of using Tre Vua’s products. On the other hand, for the domestic market, Tre Vua desires to bring customers fairness in purchasing products, which is entitled to purchase products made of bamboo which its quality are as  equal as or better than exporting products, and experience services from the heart of the Tre Vua team.

The environment is increasingly threatened when the society is more modernized, in parallel with production and business activities, Tre Vua said that its activities have to contribute to environmental protection and it is one of the missions in the development of Tre Vua. In the product designs, we always consider to use environment friendly and local imprint materials to combine with bamboo; in manufacturing Tre Vua always tries to ensure the production is clean and has no impact on the general environment, Tre Vua’s business will also contribute to the protecting of watershed forests from logging and reducing natural disasters.


Workers’ life is also a mission of Tre Vua, by moving its headquarter to the locality Thach Thanh in Thanh Hoa, Tre Vua has contributed to creating jobs for local workers, strengthening gender equality by supporting female workers, Tre Vua recruits and trains skills, enhances the knowledge of life for workers, currently the number of female employees account for 100% in Tre Vua’s factory , account for 80% of the total workforce of Tre Vua and undertaking most important positions in Tre Vua’s business and production activities, contributing to the empowerment of local economic and minimizing evils society. In the near future, Tre Vua will carry out more social activities for the local community.

With the spirit of responsibility and confidence in capacity, Tre Vua is constantly striving to become a leading brand of bamboo products trusted by both domestic and worldwide markets.