Female Labor in Rural Area and Their Equality

As far from the city, short of many thing to update the civilized information of the society, there are still many backward concepts and practices, including practices that affect to benefit of the woman in rural areas.

Women in rural areas nowaday are the main labor force of many manufacturing factories, with a majority in number compared to men, contributing significantly to the stability and development of the locality economic.

So, when their works in the factory is off, what is their life looks like?

When returning home, female workers continue to be mothers, wives and daughter -in-law in their family. Faced with a large number of anonymous jobs, ie jobs that are not recognized and paid, as if it was their natural duty. The important thing in these relationships is the inequality between the two sides.

In the relationship of husband and wife, the husband is automatically recognized as having more power than the woman, even having the right to curse and beat the wife, but according to the law, these acts are all “family violence”, however, with resignation and “fasting, because the children” viewpoint to let violence “continues.

In the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, power is also tilted to “mother-in-law”, especially cases of “bride-making”, ie after marriage, the couple must live with their parents-in-law. Society is often concerned about domestic violence in the relationship between husband and wife; parents – children but rarely mention to parents-in-law and daughter-in-law.

This situation often happens to women who marry early.

What is the role of enterprise?

Activities of trade unions or human resources departments are still limited within the enterprise, while female workers often do not actively share information of violence because of concerns about “big talk” or goofing, indirectly give a hand to maintain for inequality and “domestic violence” continued.

In my opinion, from a business perspective, should actively work with government departments to organize workshops, propagate women’s rights under the law, or organize sharing sessions, speaking to upgrade awareness for women to them can first protect themselves from domestic violence and then raise the status of women in the family.

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