The Role Of Bamboo In Restoring And Protecting The Forest

There are many species of bamboo that can grow in different conditions, some even develop on rocky mountains in the form of small bushes like vines, there are many species that develop large woody stems in nutrition land areas.

Most of the places where bamboo grows, lands are protected from erosion, especially in our tropical region with heavy rain and forests severely damaged, landslides and erosion cause much damage to the economy and directly affect people’s lives, bamboo is a solution to limit erosion.

Thanks to its underground roots, especially tropical bamboo like in Vietnam, bamboo roots are the result of many generations with hundreds of trees on a bamboo bush combined, forming a special filter. retaining soil and water, so bamboo also has the effect of filtering water, which explains why in the areas of bamboo forests the water of the river is usually clearer and cooler.

Due to the contribution of keeping the water staying longer, bamboo forest creates more moisture for the entire forest ecosystem, so that small shrubs have the opportunity to grow and develop along the mountain side.

The planting of bamboo to cover bare hills with greenness, can contribute to facilitating forest regeneration, soft and low-stem or bushes that have the opportunity to grow, followed by large woody and long time trees which is on the higher floors.

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