A self-contained apartment with a price of about 1 million VND / night in Hanoi, the guests who are usually businessmen and tourists from Japan need a quiet, simple but neatly arranged and suitable space for both fastidious people.

small size items seem not to be noticeable, but they are very spilled and misplaced, lead to difficult for guests to use and affect the servicing speed of the housekeeping staff. Therefore, there should be a solution to manage better these items, here are some pictures with solutions from Bamboo King’s bamboo.

The inviting table – is the first place guests will use after taking the room, there will have fruit and drinks available for guests to regain strength before using other facilities in the room. Placing all of the food and water in a tray increases the sense of furniture management on the table, especially for customers who promote 5S and Kaizen, this is a simple layout but earns score. Paper tissue should be placed in bamboo containers for better storage and synchronization. The front-facing four-tray tray is low, making the tea and coffee packs show the brand name and product name, easily recognizable.
The cooking stove is equipped with a bamboo cutting board and box for chopsticks knife fork and spoon.
The reading desk is also equipped with a convenient paper box for guests when needed.
The apartment is equipped with air filter to increase air quality, bamboo trash can bring a natural feeling, trash cans with cover to keep things inside more carefully.
Toilets are also provided with a discreet lid trash bin.
Bamboo tray helps to effectively manage bathroom amenities such as towels, amenities, goblets, etc.

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